HUBRIS 18 April 2021

I’m having one of those weeks where I feel like no one’s reading my stuff. So no one would even notice if I skipped writing the newsletter this week, right? Don’t mind me, I’m exhausted at the moment. Anyway, this is the Hubris 18 April 2021 edition.

Why I Became Minimalist

There’s a new episode of the podcast up. I talk about some of the steps on my journey toward becoming minimalist. There is no clear origin story for me, just a who series of events over the course of my life that have consistently pointed me in this direction. You can listen for free, or choose to become a patron and support the cause.


This is pretty much the only thing I’m working on at the moment. It’s the only thing I can work on until Project Mushroom is over, aside from Project Mushroom itself. As such, it’s on track. At some point I will reach a point where I’ve done everything I can until we’re in the new studio space, so…

Project Mushroom Update

We’re currently in a holding pattern, waiting for some things to happen. If I could fast-forward a few months to a point where we’re already moved and settled in, I would. Too many things are jammed up until we get the new studio. The sort of space we’re able to get will affect the types of projects we’ll be able to do, so at this point I can’t even do a lot of planning. Ugh.

I Have a Headache

All of the above is why I launched the podcast early. Even though the sound quality will be better in a new space, I have time on my hands. Everything right now is “hurry up and wait”. I am not a person that does downtime well. It gives my anxiety a change to take hold and do bad things. So I’m staying busy, doing a lot of writing, and making various versions of plans so no matter what happens with Project Mushroom, I’ll be prepared to move forward and continue to grow the business.

HUBRIS 18 April 2021

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