HUBRIS 2 May 2021

This is the Hubris: 2 May 2021 edition. Let’s talk about spending more time unplugged, parasocial relationships, and focusing on having the life we want.

HUBRIS 2 May 2021

This past week I’ve been training for a more unplugged life. We still have internet in the apartment, but I’m consciously trying to limit the amount of time I spend. I write down the things I need to do online, and try to batch tasks once or twice a day. Instead of using streaming services, I download podcasts in the morning and supplement those with music I have on my hard drive. So far it’s been enjoyable. Fewer distractions, more flow states, greater productivity.

Project Updates

Nothing to say here. A lot of things in motion, but nothing final enough to reliably report on. Still working on things, but still not settled into new studio space. There’s probably going to be a fat lot of nothing to say for the next several week, then KABLAM a ton of stuff all at once. Such is life.

UNQUALIFIED Episode 5: Parasocial Relationships

On UNQUALIFIED Episode 5 I talk about parasocial relationships. What they are, why they make my teeth itch, and how we need to be aware of them in the modern world. Now more than ever people need to understand what parasocial relationships are, so we can separate art from artist, not take things personally, and stop defending the monsters among us. Listen now on Patreon!

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HUBRIS 2 May 2021

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