HUBRIS: 22 November 2020

This is HUBRIS: 22 November 2020 edition, the weekly newsletter where in my foolish self-confidence I believe I’ve written things worth reading.

This edition is going to be short, because I’ve already hit you with three other posts today. I forgot that it’s Sunday, and in spite of all the other changes to the site I’d like to keep this weekly newsletter/roundup going. I do have aspirations of turning this into an actual email newsletter, rather than another blog post, in 2021.

“How long will the wicked be jubilant?
They pour out arrogant words;
all the evildoers are full of boasting.”

David, Psalm 94:3-4 New International Version

The only exciting thing that’s happened since the last post is that I’ve got a logo now. As much as I resisted, I needed to add some sort of graphic element for Twitter. Posts show up there with a “broken image” graphic. No one can fathom the concept of words without pictures.

Things will slow down this week. One of the reasons there have been so many posts is because I need to test some things. Does this look right in syndication? Is it showing up on Twitter correctly? That sort of stuff. One post per day drags the process out forever. So you get to see a lot of my gibberish in a short period of time. You’re welcome and I’m sorry.

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This Has Been HUBRIS: 22 November 2020

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