HUBRIS 25 April 2021

This is the Hubris: 25 April 2021 edition. I’ve got a lot of updates to cover this week, so let’s just jump into it!

Unintentional Daily Blogging

A notification popped up on WordPress telling me that I’m on a twentysomething-day streak. Meaning that I’ve accidentally gone back to daily blogging. This was not my intention. I’ve been reading voraciously lately. When I read I take notes, especially when a quote or idea inspires me or gives me food for thought. I’ve learned to write down what it was that I found interesting, how it connects with me, and how it links up to other thoughts and ideas. Otherwise, I read it later and have no idea what the quote meant, and have no context to figure it out.

Because of my arthritis it’s easier to type notes than write them longhand. I have a file for these things. In looking at recent notes, I frequently find myself thinking that this-or-that would make a good blog post. The ideas could be useful or interesting to other people. So I began to enter things directly into Twitter as drafts, to be cleaned up and scheduled later. I use the calendar and only put one idea down per day. Pretty soon the calendar started filling up, so I went through, cleaned up the drafts, and scheduled them. I read more, I take more notes, I set up more drafts, and pretty soon I’m accidentally blogging again.

Meanwhile, on the Podcast

In UNQUALIFIED Episode 4 I talk about the importance of knowing the problem that you’re solving for. Make sure you’re trying to fix the thing that’s actually broken. I tell you about an incident that cemented this idea in my consciousness, and why it’s important to ask WHY at least 5 times in order to get to the root cause of any issue. Listen now on Patreon!

New Studio (fka Project Mushroom) Update

I’ve previously written that I’m not going to say any more about Project Mushroom until launch. Which, since I’ve revealed that we’re looking for new studio space, means not writing about it until we’re actually in said space. It’s all a lot more exciting to Katie and I than it is to anyone else, and I don’t want to bore you.

However, since this is the newsletter, and since people have asked a few questions, I’ll talk about it here one last time. We are in the process of decluttering our current space so there will be less to move. Currently we have not closed on a new space, so we have no idea when we’re moving, we just want to be ready.

A few people have asked me to decipher the code name for them. I give all of my projects code names based on their topic. They always start with the same first letter as the topic, and have the same number of syllables. I started doing this for writing projects when I either did not have a title, or was waiting for copyright clearance on a title. Files need to be names something. Other projects require some degree of secrecy or are under non-disclosure agreements. Over time it became easier to keep the convention even when the title was assured and there were no cloak-and-dagger antics required.

In this case, MUSHROOM was a stand-in for MOVING.

Project Acorn Update

Quietly, in between reading and note-taking and searching for new studio space, I continue to work on Project Acorn. A substantial part of it can’t be completed until after we move, so there’s nothing to report. I’m doing all of the behind-the-scenes stuff now, so that I can reveal what it is as soon after the move as possible. That’s about it. Nothing new to report, in other words.

HUBRIS 25 April 2021

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