HUBRIS: 25 October 2020

Welcome to HUBRIS: 25 October 2020 edition, the weekly newsletter where in my foolish self-confidence I believe I’ve written things worth reading.


My schedule needs pruning. I need to reevaluate the things that I do, and assess the value of doing them. I’m still struggling to find more time to read, but a lot of that is because I’m a workaholic. When I get comfortable and crack open a book, I feel s if I should be working on something.

There are a lot of business processes that are going to be easier. I’ve spent a lot of 2020 documenting what I do and how I do it. A lot of research has going into what sells well and why. This hopefully means fewer, better-paying writing projects going forward. I’m getting older, and this constant grind is becoming less sustainable every year.

I’m looking forward to 2021 as the year I streamline a lot of things. It will be good to be working from one, and only one, bullet journal starting on 1 January. Even if I have to start a new book every quarter, there will only be one journal to keep track of at a time. No more work bujo/personal bujo.


This is the section of this site, and this newsletter, that I struggle with the most. With a few notable exceptions, people who create don’t stand around talking about creating. They create. Maybe they promote their thing, or talk a little about their process, but they recognize that the best use of their time to spend it making stuff. They don’t have time to waste bloviating or engaging in idle chatter.

For my entire life I’ve been around people who talked about what they were going to do. A lot of time talking, rather than just going and doing. I know that there have been times when I’ve been one of those people. That bugs me. I think one of the things that annoys me about creator “communities” online is that there’s just talk. They’re not “look at what I’m doing” forums, they’re “here’s an idea I’ve taken zero steps toward bringing to light”. Or, worse, complaint spaces where people swap excuses for not getting anything done.


The Long Dark is upon is. Sunrise today was at 7:30 am, and sunset is at 4:30 pm. It’s not just that the days are short; this far north, it gets dark in a way that you have to experience to believe. I’m already feeling the effects. All I want to do is sleep. When I am nominally awake, I’m constantly fighting brain fog.

This is the time of year when I need a fixed schedule. Wake up, eat meals, and go to bed on an inflexible time table. I need to have projects lined up to keep me occupied. Otherwise I’ll zone out and fall into depression.

My bullet journal has to show me precise next steps, specific tasks, so that I can keep moving forward. Anything broad or vague and I will tune out. No “work on project X” on the task list. It has to be “write chapter 7” or “edit pages 33 to 50”.

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HUBRIS: 25 October 2020

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HUBRIS: 25 October 2020

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