HUBRIS: 4 October 2020

Welcome to HUBRIS: 4 October 2020 edition, the weekly newsletter where in my foolish self-confidence I believe I’ve written things worth reading.


In looking for tips on better utilizing my bullet journal for business, I came across a lot of awful advice. I won’t link to it, because the guy shouldn’t get any clicks, but one advised keeping four separate journals. Two were for personal use, and two were for business. Fine, I did that for a while too. I’m finishing out 2020 with a normal bujo and one for project spreads. It’s been confusing and a pain in the but.

This guy also has separate journals for journaling. He practices the “free write for X number of pages in the morning” thing. But not in his bullet journals. He still calls these bullet journals, though. And he keeps one for personal thought, and one for business thoughts.

I’m with Ruder Carroll on this. One journal. Period. Get everything out of your head, then organize it and migrate it to whatever collections you need to set up. Ugh. Four journals at once! No. That would drive me mad.


I don’t talk about my day job here. On a high level I might talk about how the sausage is made, but I try to keep things non-specific and more akin to tips and advice. I’m wondering if I should use this section of the weekly newsletter to plug my new releases. It fits; I’m talking about something I’ve created. Would that be too intrusive? Or is one segment of one post per week enough of a dull roar that it wouldn’t come across like an infomercial? I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comments below.


Blocking out the news and social media remain irksome tasks. I actually miss the days back in Albuquerque when we had no internet at home (to save money for the move to Finland) and I had to go out to a coffee shop or library to grab some wifi. That wouldn’t work now, as everything from music to banking to booking the laundry room requires secure internet. I can’t turn off the router because that cuts off access for Katie, too. Increasingly I find myself looking at refurbished Alphasmart 3000s, regretting that I ever gave mine up. It would cost a fortune and take forever to get one shipped to Finland, though. Sigh. I’ll have to continue to make do with airplane mode on my laptop.

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HUBRIS: 4 October 2020

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2 Replies to “HUBRIS: 4 October 2020

  1. In the spirit of talking about creativity, I’d welcome plugs if they were in the form of “goal, love, wish” meaning: what did you set out to achieve, what did you do that delighted or suprised or satisfied you, and what would you have done differently. That kind of process transparency might run counter to marketing. That’s your call to make, or course.

    1. I’ve actually started writing those sorts of posts over on the business site. What I’ll likely do here is a simple “hey, a dropped a new book” and link to the posts I wrote over there and where you can buy it.

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