HUBRIS: 8 November 2020

The last bit of this was written on Monday, 2 November. For the sake of my sanity I’m staying off of the internet until next week. So this is HUBRIS: 8 November 2020 edition.

The Joy of Disconnecting

In setting out to unplug this week, I was surprised at how connected I actually am. I don’t have Twitter on my phone, and I don’t have it bookmarked on my laptop. That makes it so I have to type in the address. To take it an extra step, I logged out of my accounts and blacklisted the site.

The same went for Instagram and and YouTube. I’ve been unfollowing/unsubscribing for a couple of weeks, to get clear of news and political messaging. Both of those were removed from my phone, and I logged out and blacklisted them on my laptop.

I pretty much purged my entire RSS dump of Feedly. Took it from following 128 sites to just 6. Two of those are podcasts, three are friends, and one is a comic strip.

Even though I did this in the lead-up to the election, I don’t think I’ll be re-adding things of changing things when I come back. Aside from some business and reference uses, I don’t need to go back. I’m hoping that a week away will break these last few habits.

A Worldbuilder’s Bundle of Holding

Bundle of Holding is a site that offers curated, limited-time collections of tabletop roleplaying PDFs. One of the current offers contains 5 of my bestselling books on worldbuilding. A portion of the sales go to Direct Relief, who are raising money to buy PPE related and equipment for front line health care workers dealing with Covid-19. Check out the Worldbuilder’s Toolkit Bundle here.

In addition, several of my more recent bestselling books on worldbuilding for tabletop roleplaying, previously digital-only, are now available in print. Check them out here.

Life Changes

Katie has booked a second gallery exhibition for 2021. I’ll post more as the dates get closer. Now we just need for our residence to be renewed so we’ll, you know, be here for them.

I am surprised at how much I miss having a physical media library right now. While streaming services are convenient, I want to be able to pop in a CD or DVD and not be connected. Even listening to music that’s been purchased and downloaded requires the use of an internet-enabled device. I know this is in conflict with anti-materialist minimalism, but there are always trade offs. Getting rid of what you don’t want to make room for what you need. In this case, getting rid of digital everything so I can get distance from connectivity that I desire.

In Case You Missed It

HUBRIS: 8 November 2020

I will not be checking email or reading comments until tomorrow, 9 November. At the earliest. All of this week’s posts were written and scheduled in mid-October so I could take this week away from the internet.

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