I Am All About €10 Headphones

When we first moved here I bought a pair of generic Sony headphones for €20. They were okay, but not great. Because they were cheap plastic, they never fit my giant head right. If I moved too much they tended to slip off, but that was okay since I mostly wore them to sit and write. Lately the vinyl (I’m guessing) over the ear padding has started to crumble and slake off. It was nasty. Not having a lot to invest, I went to Flying Tiger (not sponsored) and bought a cheapass pair. Let me tell you something: I am all about €10 headphones.

For a start, they’re better made than the Sony ones. The quality is visible. There are metal components. It has a volume control on the cable. The earpads are incredibly comfortable. I fits me giant head, and the sound quality is astonishingly good for cheap headphones. Better than the Sony ones were in their prime.

This isn’t a sponsored post or anything. I’m just super happy to get something that I needed, that works better than I needed it to, for such a ridiculously low price.


The Finnish word for Wednesday, keskiviikko, literally means “middle of the week”.  Which is odd in some ways, because everything here operates on ISO-8601 standards. I like numbered weeks. There are benefits to it, and it’s helped me a lot with business planning. But by that standard, weeks begin on Monday and end on Sunday. That would make Thursday the center of the seven-day stretch. I know, the work week is Monday through Friday and Wednesday falls neatly into the center of that. Except… it isn’t. The 4-day work week is becoming more common here in the Nordics, and there is a push to make it the standard. So if you go by that, the middle of the week would be a non-day, the space between two days and two other days.

Yes, I am aware that I am weird.

I Am All About €10 Headphones

What I like about Wednesdays is that they are uninterrupted writing days. No marketing, no accounting, no errands to run. Aside from a break for lunch, I get to pop on my headphones, listen to jazz or classical or synthwave or nothing at all, and just bang on the keyboard all day.

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