Interlude: I Can’t Enjoy Things Anymore

Let’s jump right into it: I watch professional wrestling to escape from the reality of the world. You can feel free to think it’s stupid, or appreciate it for what it is. I use it as a respite from politics, current events, and all of the myriad things that leave me with anxiety these day. Sadly, I can’t enjoy things anymore because there’s no corner of reality that hasn’t been corruption and partisan horseshit.

At some point after Wrestlemania, Orange County (Florida) Sheriffs were dispatched to the WWE Performance Center. That’s where the WWE has been filming their shows since large gathering have been banned. The were warned that continuing to put in shows, even with no audience present, would be a violation of the state’s stay-at-home order. Basically, if they didn’t stop there would be fines, arrests, and the place would probably be padlocked.

On April 9th America First Action, a pro-Trump super PAC, pledged to give $18.5 million to the state of Florida. The chairwoman of America First Action is Linda McMahon, former President and CEO of the WWE and wife of WWE founder and current CEO Vince McMahon.

Later that same day, Florida governor Ron DeSantis declared the WWE an “essential business”.

On April 10th, the WWE announced that they would resume airing live shows from the Performance Center on April 13th.

Then on April 14th, Donald Trump named Vince McMahon to hisĀ  “Great American Economic Revival Industry Group”, the committed tasked with reopening the United States.

I Can’t Enjoy Things Anymore

I have issues with putting people at risk for entertainment.

In spite of a pandemic, all hands were on deck Monday for the live airing of WWE Raw. Not just the basic camera crew, announce team, and wrestlers who had matches. As much of the full roster as could make it / were willing to be there were backstage. Producers, road agents, and other people not absolutely necessary to put on a show were there. Jerry Lawler, a 70-year-old former wrestler with health issues, flew in to be on the announce desk.

I have issues with wrestling being deemed essential. Look, I understand that people are at home getting bored, and there’s practically nothing to watch on Netflix, Disney+. Fite TV, the WWE Network, or any of the other streaming services. I know people miss sports. You’re not going to die if there’s no new wrestling. They might die if there is.

If wrestling is essential, then someone, somewhere is doing something to help my friends on the indie circuit who are out of work, right? We need to help them out so they can start booking matches as soon as it’s safe to do so, right. Of course not.

Most of all, I have serious fucking problems with oligarchy. WWE is an essential business because Linda McMahon very transparently gave money to Florida. Vince and Trump have been buddies for years. Real and imagined billionaires have to look out for each other, right?

I can’t enjoy things anymore


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