I Don’t Have the Spoons for This

This was going to be a completely different post. The first of a decently researched, well-thought out series for the coming week. I don’t have the spoons for this right now. Yesterday I whined a bit about being sleep deprived. Today I thought I’d share a bit about what’s on my plate.

For a start, there’s the stuff that I don’t talk about: politics. I’m at the mercy of two governments, and in the middle of having my residence in Finland (hopefully) renewed. So I try to keep my opinions to a dull roar so I don’t come across as an agitator. What’s going on in the United States is ridiculous, it’s infuriating, and it’s exhausting. That should cover it. The news just grinds me down daily.

My writing and publishing schedule is aggressive, because I have few worries that can’t be resolved with money. Earn enough to hit the required thresholds for residence. Have enough socked away to cover moving to a new, hopefully larger, apartment later this year. Really pray that I have enough in case we do need to move back to the United States and start all over again in the midst of the pandemic, the depression, the housing crisis, and oh, yeah, the open fascism.

To this add rewriting key pages of both this and the business site, to improves search engine optimization and maybe pull in a few more customers. Rewriting sales copy for important products, for the same reason. Helping Katie work out the kinks in her online shop. All of the business stuff that comes with being a professional content creator that isn’t creating content.

And then there’s still the day-to-day of cooking, cleaning, shopping, paying the bills, and all of that.

I know, the same stuff everyone else is going through right now. Except maybe for the immigration stuff. And the running your own business. The world is on fire. I’m just trying to get through the day, and build a more stable foundation so that, hopefully, I can get through tomorrow too.

I Don’t Have the Spoons for This

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