I Wrote a Thing: Adventure Generator 2

A book so nice I wrote it twice. No, not really. There are just so many archetypal stories that I could only fit so many into the first book. The second volume offers up ten more possibilities for people to play around with.

People that aren’t familiar with tabletop roleplaying often think there’s no story involved. There are people within the hobby that think that, too. They’re entitled to play any way they please, as long as they’re having fun. For myself, and many other people, the characters and the story are the best part.

It actually startled me to learn that people thought there was really only one type of tabletop roleplaying story. Not so much a story, perhaps, as a flimsy excuse to explain why these disparate characters are working together. A premise that sets up why they’ve headed off to the place in order to kill monsters and take their stuff.

“Stories are a communal currency of humanity.”

Tahir Shah, In Arabian Nights

I Wrote a Thing: Adventure Generator 2

Adventure Generator 2 isn’t for people who’ve used up all of the stories in the first volume. I don’t think that’s possible. It’s for people who have ideas, but didn’t find a story archetype in the first book that fit. This is about giving you more options. You can truly tell any sort of story in tabletop roleplaying, regardless of the system or genre. It’s not all the Hero’s Journey of Joseph Campbell. Romance, mystery, coming or age, all of that is possible. And you can still kill orcs and steal the magic sword, if you want to.

I wrote a thing. Go buy a copy, and tell your friends.

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