I Wrote a Thing: Hippogryph Codex

I’m not going to cut-and-paste sales copy in here. That’s not why you read this page. You can click the link at the bottom of the post and read that, and then hopefully buy a copy.

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

Steve Jobs, who stole it from painter Pablo Picasso, who swiped it from composer Igor Stravinsky, who outright ripped it off from poet T.S. Eliot

I Wrote a Thing: Hippogryph Codex

The Hippogryph Codex is a tabletop roleplaying system. I am pretentious enough that I refuse to call them games. These things aren’t about winners and losers and competition. Other people have different opinions on this, and I cheerfully encourage them to go write their own blogs and publish their own books. I am not so pretentious as to throw around phrases like “collaborative storytelling experience” with a straight face, even if that is a far more accurate assessment of what tabletop roleplaying is: making up stories with your friends, with a little bit of structure to help you along.

 “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different. The good poet welds his theft into a whole of feeling which is unique, utterly different than that from which it is torn.” 

T.S. Elliot, “Philip Massinger”, biographical essay in The Sacred Wood (1920)

Anyway, this one takes all of the familiar tropes of Dungeons & Dragons and throws them into a blender with a popular story-focused, character-centric roleplaying system called Fate. Instead of several giant, expensive hardcover books, it’s one slim 96-page volume. It was designed to be played, and cannot be used as a doorstop or murder weapon.

The strength of my thing is that while it has lists of character abilities to choose from, you can make up your own stuff too. Creating new things, from classes to spells to magic items to monsters, is quick and easy. Here endeth the selling points. I wrote a thing. The Hippogryph Codex. Buy a copy. Tell your friends.

Get your copy from DriveThruRPG.

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