If I Could Fall Asleep for a Year

Would you rather go about your normal day naked or fall asleep for a year? I know this question was formulated before the world went into lockdown. Both answers seem appealing right now. I choose sleep.

Going about my normal day naked wouldn’t be a far stretch. A lot of us are dealing with isolation in sweatpants, pajamas, or our underwear. So why not be comfortable? Who’s going to see us? There’s enough sunlight shining into the kitchen now that if I sat here naked I could get rid of some of my pasty winter pallor.

Fall Asleep for a Year

Going to sleep for a year, though, might mean waking up when this is all over. That is appealing. Missing out on the worst of it, the second wave, all of the nonsense that I’m trying to quarantine myself from this week to preserve my mental health. It might be worse. At least it would be different.

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