If You Have Time to Doomscroll, You Have Time to Read

At the moment I only have a business presence on Twitter, and no personal account. I find it moderately beneficial to see what’s going on in my publishing niche. Even though I’m bad at it for various reasons, I attempt to contribute to and participate in the community. Still, I’ve just uninstalled it from my phone and replaced it with an eReader app. If you have time to doomscroll, you have time to read.

I know someone’s going to say that’s judgmental toward people that don’t read. It’s not about them, it’s about me. Reading is far more productive for me. A few minutes taking in a chapter of a marketing book, or a volume on improving my copywriting skills, will get me further in life than seeing peoples’ reactions to the latest bout of fascist douchebaggering or incredulous science denial. Even if I read a few pages of a novel, that has a positive effect on my mental health. Reading what the trolls and bots are spreading, not so much.

When I do want to engage on Twitter, I do so from my laptop. That means I’m at my desk, in my workspace. It goes a long way toward separating work-time from not work-time.

If You Have Time to Doomscroll…

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