Why I Write Reason 5: I’m Bored

Something that my wife Katie and I have in common is that we’re both self-entertaining. If there’s a lull in the action of our lives, she’ll pick up some craft project, or start sketching in a notebook. We’ll both grab the nearest book and start reading to fill empty spaces in time. When the weather is nice, we’ll take walks because there’s always something interesting to see. And of course, when I’m bored I sit down and write.

I don’t do downtime well. It’s not that I can’t sit still, because I meditate regularly. In that context can sit for hours when that’s the value I need from that time. I’m not an impatient person as a general rule, although I can be. It’s that life is short and I hate wasting time. There is far too much to see, and more to do that I will ever get to in the coming decades. Time, especially my own time, has value. I want to wring out every possible ounce of that value.

So I carry something to write with everywhere I go. If I have time, I can be proofreading something, or jotting down notes on a future project. I could be laying down a couple more sentences for the current project. Brainstorming ideas for a chapter that’s bugging me. I could spend the running through ideas for a blog post.

Writing is entertainment that I get to design for myself. I don’t have to pay someone else for it. I’m not limited to what I have access to, what’s on the television or the radio or popping up on social media. It’s a bespoke solution to my boredom when the other things available aren’t scratching the itch. It entertains me when I can’t afford the thing I want to read or watch.

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