I’m Off the Grid This Week

I’m off the grid this week. Not to avoid the news, but to stay clear of the hyperbole, rhetoric, and misinformation. Willful ignorance and hate speech that will be thrown around by deranged, science-denying death cult members regardless of who wins. The undercurrent of fascism, anger, and violence is likely to escalate no matter how this plays out. This is really a no-win scenario.

It’s not that the outcome won’t affect me. As an expat, it’s going to have impacts on Katie and I that most people don’t realize. It’s the hard truth that all of this is outside of my control. Instead of sitting around worrying about what’s going to happen next, or watching things unfold that I cannot do anything about, I’m shifting my focus to the things that are within my control.

I’m not checking messages until Monday 9 November. The handful of people that need to be able to reach me in emergencies or for business have my phone number. I’ll still be writing and going about my life, but the internet will only be a small and carefully curated part of that. All of this week’s posts were written in the middle of October. So if something has happened in the intervening time and these posts seem out of context, that’s why.

I Am Off the Grid This Week

I will not be checking email or reading comments 9 November at the earlist. All of this week’s posts were written and scheduled in mid-October so I could take this week away from the internet.

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