The Importance of Setting Boundaries

Minimalism is about setting boundaries. That might seem like an odd way to frame it, but it’s true. These things are needed in my life; those things are not. I will allow this in, but not that. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about material possessions, relationships, work obligations, or something else. The importance of setting boundaries cannot, in my opinion, be overstated.

The Importance of Setting Boundaries

When we think of boundaries, though, we do tend to center on relationships. There are people who, for whatever reason, feel they are entitled to have unfettered access to you. It’s one thing if you’re a child, and your parents need to have eyes on you as a matter of safety. As an adult, however, this behavior is a red flag. People that do not respect boundaries might be clueless at best, and abusive at worst. This extends to parents, bosses, and significant others.

I’m not going to say that there are good ways and bad ways to set boundaries. There are methods that are more effective than others. You will always have people that will object. They will interpret your intentions, either innocently or intentionally. Some will try to use it against you, and accuse you of being cold, elitist, cowardly, whatever. The bottom line, though, is that whether you agree with a person’s boundaries, or the way they’ve set them, you should still respect them. 

Minimalism, Defiance, and Inner Peace

I understand that I set some weird boundaries. Sometimes the comments on my posts are open, but most of the time they’re closed. My name is plastered all over my personal website, but I use my company name as the byline on most of my books. There are times when I want to connect with people, even though the majority of the time I want to be left alone.

There are reasons for this, and they are minimalist. Why do I want to let into my life because it adds value, and what do I need to keep out. In my publishing niche, I’d rather let my work speak for itself. It’s a place where I’d rather hid behind a company profile, rather than make it about me. The things I write in that space are meant to be about the reader, not me. There have been too many cults of personality in that niche, and that tends to go horribly awry.

I also need to manage my time and my mental health. This is where I cite being an introvert that finds social interaction draining. Dealing with people uses spoons I could be applying to creating new things. There’s also my whole suite of anxiety disorders, which makes dealing with strangers overwhelming. I need a buffer, and I need to mitigate my interactions so that the ones I have are positive and effective.

Setting boundaries counts as minimalism. It can be an act of defiance, and help you find inner peace. Those are also the topics covered on my new podcasts, UNQUALIFIED with Berin Kinsman! You can listed to the first two episodes right now, for free, on my Patreon!

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