Interlude: April 28 2020

April 28 2020: Rewinding, for a moment, to finding new ways to work with my executive functioning deficit, I think I have a solution. To keep my enthusiasm level for any given work-in-progress on the business side of things, I think I need to blog about it.

Now, hold on, hear me out. I know it sounds like taking on extra work. Consider, though, that I’m not getting as much done as I need to because I’m unable to focus. But I can’t focus is because I’m bored. If I’m writing about the work on the company blog, I’m hyping up why the project is cool. This not only helps me to concentrate on completing the project, it serves a marketing purpose and hopefully gets other people engaged as well. It ought to be win-win.

I”ll let you know when that starts up. I need to plan a few things and adjust my schedule to accommodate that.


When I pick up writing the novel again, I think the current pandemic has to factor into it. Yes, I know, half the writers in quarantine are going to be writing about this. It suits the themes of my novel, though. Urban decay, the long, slow decline of civilization, the whole boiling frog fable where you don’t realize how screwed you are until it’s too late.

This is why I pattering it after Gothic fiction. Dead malls instead of castles. Unemployment, underemployment, and the reliance on strangers with dark secrets and possibly creepy intentions. It’s already set in a residence hotel filled with odd characters. Why not have them riding out quarantine together.

April 28 2020

  • If you get anything out of these blog posts, consider buying me a coffee. The money goes toward rent and groceries, to offset the time spent blogging instead of doing paying writing work. And please, leave comments, share with other people on social media, and help to spread the world.
  • This week I’m avoiding the outside world by writing about my favorite professional wrestling promotions. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a full-time wrestling blog.
  • Wrestling is not fake. It is choreographed and the outcomes are predetermined, just like your favorite scripted televisions shows, action movies, and music video dance routines.
  • I am checking email and Twitter DMs twice a day, once after lunch and once after dinner EEST (UTC +3).
  • The majority of my time is spent writing and reading.
  • Current work in progress: DoubleZero
  • Currently reading: Still plugging away at Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë. I honestly don’t care if it takes me the rest of the year to finish it. The object is to enjoy it, not wolf it down like a literary Twinkie.
  • Currently watching: If it’s Tuesday, I’ll be hate-watching WWE Raw. I feel bad that some of the wrestlers I really like continue to be booked so poorly.
  • Today is Day 43 in isolation. 

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