Isolation, Depression, and Exploitation

Look, we all knew going into this that social distancing wasn’t going to be good for some peoples’ mental health. A lot of people can’t handle being left alone with their own thoughts. Not everyone has internet access to keep them connected and distracted. Not everyone is holed up with loving and supportive family and friends. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t worth doing. This is a tale of isolation, depression, and exploitation.

I’ve seen things going around Twitter — and again, I have to throw my hands up, let out an exasperated sigh, and mutter “Americans!” — touting suicide statistics. Such-and-such number of people (real or fake, but always a higher number than have died from COVID-19 so far) take their own life every year. People are more likely to do so when they’re experiencing economic hardship. That’s why it’s imperative to reopen the country as soon as possible.

Not “that’s why it’s imporant to pass a stimulus package that ensures people can pay their bills until this crisis is over”.

Nor is it “that’s why it’s urgent that we do something to provide proper, ongoing mental health care to all citizens”.

No, it isn’t “that’s why we need to have social safety nets in place to care for the most vulnerable among us, not just during emergencies but always”.

Because the people I see pushing potential suicide rates as a reason to lift social distancing and reopen businesses are by and large Republicans. The same people that are against labor unions, increasing the minimum wage, and universal health care. Their concern isn’t for the people. They only care about the economy.

Isolation, Depression, and Exploitation

No, I don’t want a Hooverville in every town,  or bread lines, or a full-blown depression. I just fail to accept that the choice between human rights and property rights is so black and white. What I certainly reject is the notion that these people suddenly give a rat’s pink hoo-hah about people suffering from depression and at risk for suicide. The record is clear that they never gave a damn before.

These are the same people that will accuse you of virtue signaling when you express any sort of concern for your fellow humans.

Never listen to what people say. Watch what they do. See how they treat other people. Take a look at who they vote for, and how those politicians behave. Then you’ll have a clear picture of what they’re really up to.

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