June 2 2020 Daily Proof of Life Post

7:00 am EEST (GMT+3). This is the June 2 2020 daily proof of life post. What a world to wake up to. The Mad Carrot has threatened to invoke, or possibly has already invoked, the Insurrection Act of 1807. For a moment I thought about writing a piece on what that means, but let’s be honest. In practical terms right now, it means whatever he thinks it means. And he thinks it means he can use the military to deal with the protests, whether they’re riots or peaceful gatherings.

To everyone that keeps saying this, that, or the other thing is “against the law”, remember that this started because police, who are charged with enforcing the law, keep killing black people and getting away with it. So calling a cop isn’t exactly the fix for this. For the folks that are screaming about rioting and looting and holding the bad actors accountable for breaking the law, remember that these protests are about holding bad actors — police –– accountable for breaking the law —killing citizens. Maybe let’s start there.

I need to cloister myself away and get some writing done today. Which, again, feels like fiddling while Rome burns. But like most people, I still need to go to work and pay the bills.

June 2 2020 Daily Proof of Life Post
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