June 3 2020 Daily Proof of Life Post

7:00 am EEST (GMT+3). This is the June 3 2020 daily proof of life post. Yesterday I turned off the syndication of new posts to Twitter in honor of #BlackOutTuesday. It wasn’t about not speaking out on important issues. The point was to shut up, step back, and allow other people the opportunity to speak and tell their stories. I took a day off from plugging my own projects and voicing my own opinions on social media.

With the pandemic it was already a weird time to be engaged in any sort of self-promotion. Now there’s the… I don’t want to call it protests, because the peaceful protesters aren’t the problem. I can’t even put it onto the rioters and looters. There’s ample video of police firing on bystanders without provocation, and white instigators committing acts of vandalism. Race war is completely off the mark, because while it’s about injustices committed against black people, it is not a black-versus-white thing. I’m more inclined to label it as “the cop problem”, because that’s the real common denominator.

Anyway, with the cop problem going on it feels inappropriate to be hawking my new book. I was going to release 3 new zines yesterday, but I pushed it back. Even though I still need to make a living, there are moments when you need to shut up and not make it about you. If only the Mad Carrot and his cultists would figure that out.

June 3 2020 Daily Proof of Life Post
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