June 9 2020 Daily Proof of Life Post

7:00 am EEST (GMT+3). This is the June 9 2020 daily proof of life post. Good morning, or whatever time of day it is where you are.

I’ve got my coffee to help me wake up and focus. My bullet journal is open so I can capture and organize the tasks I need to do today. This post is here to capture other random thoughts, and to say hello. It’s quiet. I haven’t looked at news or social media yet. I need this ritual, so I can ground and center myself before the world comes at me full-force.

What I need to do is heed Mister Rogers’ advice and look for the helpers. The crowds of people coming together to stand up for themselves, and each other, is an overwhelmingly positive thing. Black Lives Matter. All of the rhetoric and lies and willful misunderstanding and spin being spewed forth by the opposition is infuriating, but we need to look past that. We need to deny them the power of that, and stay the course.

A Dumpster Full of Hubris

I’m trying to recommit to positivity. Even though I feel that there’s very little that I can do, I can do something. That’s why I’ve become dedicated to daily blogging, and staying on social media, and finding the whatever to speak out. Using a dumpster in the graphic for HUBRIS was meant to be self effacing; I somehow think this garbage is worth reading. It was also meant to reflect the idea that world is basically trash right now, what with the racists, science deniers, and all-around selfish and bigoted people running around and shitting on everything. We can’t have nice things.

There’s another reason for it, that is meant to be positive. You need to look at the problem before you can address it. An overflowing dumpster means there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. It needs to be cleaned up, yes, but why is there so much trash being generated in the first place? Why is it being neglected, allowing the trash to overflow? Ignoring it won’t make it go away.

That’s the hard truth we all need to face, collectively and individually. It’s hubris that allows us to dismiss these things as unimportant, and as not having anything to do with us. And these are the happy thoughts I’m starting the day with.

June 9 2020 Daily Proof of Life Post

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