The Real Pandemic is the Lack of Critical Thinking

This morning I unfollowed someone that was being an asshat on Instagram. Seriously, Instagram. The place where I follow art museums, mid-century furniture dealers, and dogs. The one social media platform where, in spite of it being owned by Facebook, I can get away from the baseline crazy. Well, apparently not any more. The lack of critical thinking has caught up to it.

First, can we talk about people who post screen shots from other sites? If I wanted to read Reddit, I’d go to Reddit. Multiple images featuring walls of text isn’t what I’m there for. Shut up and show me puppies.

It was actually an urbex account that I follow, partially for the photography and partially as research for the novel. He’s an American, it must be noted, because as you’ll see in a bit it’s relevant. He’d written a screed on Facebook, and not only took a screen shot for the ‘Gram, he copy-pasted it into the description in its entirety. He is absolutely convinced that COVID-19 is just like the flu, and that the entire “stay home” doctrine is a nefarious scheme to destroy the American economy.

The Real Pandemic is the Lack of Critical Thinking

A few highlights: He thinks China orchestrated this to hurt the United States. Okay, whether China misreported their number of infected and dead is one thing. That there are sick and dead people in China is an irrefutable fact. Thinking that they’d do that to a bunch of their own people in the hopes that it might, several months later, spread to America is pretty warped.

He blames the media for blowing this out of proportion. Right. Skip past the part where they’re passing along what medical experts are saying. Ignore the fact that governments don’t have to do what journalists say. Yeah, it’s the media. Which would have to extend not just to American media, but global media as well. I’m sure Italian media, broadcast in the Italian language exclusively to Italian people, is faking the photos of coffins piled up in the streets solely to get Americans riled up. Fuck you.

Seriously, Eff You

He ranted about the damage to the economy, and yes, this is hurting everyone. Not as much as a far higher body count would, but hey, who has any long-term vision any more? Why save the world for next year when we could be partying and earning money right now?

What set me off, though, is when he referred to the economic damage of the isolation restrictions and said “if the rest of the world follows our lead” it will lead to a global economic crisis. Cripes, do Americans live in a bubble. Follow your lead? Finland started locking down after a handful of cases were reported. Other countries did the same. Most of the United States still isn’t locked down. They finally got the governor of Florida to issue the order. Follow your lead? America is following the lead of Italy and Spain, in that they’re getting around to closing the barn door after the horses got out.

And, excuse me, idiot who only thinks Americans are suffering because that’s all you see. This is already a global economic crisis. The European and Asian markets have been hit right along with Wall Street. You ignorant buffoon.

Gah. No. Just Go Watch Netflix or Something and Shut Up

I’ve already written one post about the paranoia and conspiracy theories that are going around. This? This is what’s actually going to kill us all. Not the virus, but the people spreading misinformation and lies and conspiracy theories, who will not comply with stay home orders and encourage others to break quarantine as well. Until it affects them personally, they’re going to pretend that this is something being done to them, rather than something that is happening to all of us.

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  1. “Waiter, this gas hatted conspiracy monger does not speak for the whole table.”

    I feel the same way about instagram. I’m there mostly to follow people I actually know, but branching out could be cool. But, I don’t need facebook bleed. Instagram is already entirely too close to that mother… ship.

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