The Latest Information, March 20 2020

The  Latest Information

  • 400 confirmed cases in Finland, 41 more than yesterday. However, that number comes from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare by communicating directly with hospital districts. Going forward they will be using figures from the National Infectious Diseases Register, who claim only 304 confirmed cases.
  • Border checks are now in place, and will remain until at least 13 April.
  • Because so many students here rely on the campus restaurants for meals, the university has set up a meals-on-wheels type plan. Every day at set times electric cars will be sent out to the student apartment villages with prepackaged meals. They’ll park outside of buildings, and students can come down and purchase food. The price is about a Euro less than the regular meals.
  • Public schools are using distance learning, but teachers are reporting a new problem: parents walking around in the background with no trousers on. This makes more sense if you understand the Finnish concept of kalsarikänni — getting drunk at home, alone, in your underwear.

Please be sure you’re getting information from reliable sources.

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