Interlude: Less News, More Novels

News is important, especially in times like these. It’s not so important that it should become an all-consuming obsession. Last week I was lamenting that I don’t read as much as I want to. The obvious solution is less news, more novels.

I’m still not reading as much as I want to, though. There are only so many hours in a day. I have responsibilities. Not to mention other things I want to do. As appealing as waking up, reading a book all day, and only pausing to eat and perform necessary ablutions  might be, I have to write, and cook, and clean. Limiting TV is great, but it’s part of the communal time I share with me wife.

Replacing news with novels, though, is working for me. It’s certainly a healthier obsession. I want to keep this habit going.

Less News, More Novels

  • This week I am not posting about anything that happens beyond the walls of my apartment.
  • I am checking email and Twitter DMs twice a day, once after lunch and once after dinner EEST (UTC +3).
  • The majority of my time is spent writing and reading.
  • Current work in progress: DoubleZero
  • Currently reading: Agnes Grey by Anne BrontĂ«
  • Currently watching: Community is being slow-binged. Usually a couple of episodes at night, after Katie and I are too fried to keep working but it’s still too early for bed.
  • Today is Day 39 in isolation.

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