Let’s Talk About Zines

Let’s talk about zines for a moment. Namely, let’s talk about the zines that I’m going to be releasing going forward. They will all be electronic in nature (ezines) and available for download from Gumroad. Why? Because no one reads blogs anymore, it’s a way to distribute my writing, and it might make me a little extra money.

HUBRIS: A Commonplace Zine

Back in 2018 I launched HUBRIS (all caps) with the subtitle “The Journal of Cultural Horror”. It was meant to be an outlet for my frustrations with the world. All of the injustices I saw, the problems that people just accept rather than try to fix, all of that stuff. After 5 monthly issues, I burned out. To write those stories I had to engage in deep research and absorb an awful lot of tragedy. A sixth issue was written but never released, and for reasons I refuse to talk about it never will be.

I’m relaunching it with a new subtitle, “A Commonplace Zine”. Each issue is going to collect a selection of non-writing posts from this site.  That will be supplemented with some new content. That means all of the recent coronavirus stuff, and a lot more social commentary going forward. The first new issue will be labelled as #7.

Café Epimetheus: A Writer’s Zine

The Café Epimetheus zine will be monthly. It will collect the writing-related posts from this site. That primarily means the posts written from the Merry Writers challenge/daily prompts. People don’t read blogs, but maybe a 32-page zine experience will be more to their liking.

Each month’s questions have a theme, but I don’t know if that comes across in individual entries. By thinking not only of daily posts but a monthly zine, I can try to explore the overall theme. It also gives me some space to weave more of an autobiographical through-line connecting the posts.


After a brief hiatus due to COVID-19, the tabletop roleplaying zine will be coming back with a slight format change. Rather than being all original material, it will feature blog posts from the Dancing Lights Press website as well as new articles not previously seen elsewhere. The focus is still going to be an examination of the tabletop roleplaying hobby and industry, including game design and publishing.

If you haven’t spotted the pattern yet, I’m going to be spending more time blogging regularly. Then I’m going to take collect those blog posts into zines.

Let’s Talk About Zines
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