A Lie That Makes Us Realize Truth

“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”

Pablo Picasso, quoted in Dore Ashton’s Picasso On Art

There will be people that willfully misconstrue what I’m about to say here. That’s okay. It’s on them. They know what I mean as well as I do.

The lies we’re being told are insulting in their artlessness. They’re ham-handed, and clearly we’re not meant to believe them. What’s being demanded instead is that we accept them, in spite of the evidence of our own senses, the testimony of experts, and the overwhelming weight of objective reality. We are being asked to participate in our own gaslighting.

The frightening part is that as the willingly people going along with the lies add to our cognitive dissonance, our resistance adds to theirs. By not accepting the blatant falsehoods as objective reality, they take offense. It become not just an insult to the regime, but an insult to them personally. They desperately want the world to be the way they think it should be, with all of the bigotry and misogyny and everything being hunky-dory along the pandemic/economic axis.

A Lie That Makes Us Realize Truth

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