March 23 2020: The Latest Information

March 23 2020: This is a relatively short report. I’m currently committed to documenting one post per day that is informational, plus one personal journal post reflecting my personal situation, for the duration of this weirdness. Posting times may vary based on the availability of information.

At the moment I am ignoring large swaths of things being said by politicians of any nationality. Unless something is a done deal, or seems very likely to happen, I don’t care about what they intend to do. Listening to a pathological liar spin more lies to make the situation, and himself, look better is a waste of my time. You know the specific individual I’m talking about. My focus is on confirmed facts, because grounding ourselves in objective reality is what’s going to get us through this, not partisan fairy tales.

  • 626 confirmed cases in Finland as of Sunday afternoon, 105 more than reported Saturday.
  • 1 person in total has died so far, as reported Saturday.
  • Eeva Ahtisaari, 82 year old wife of former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, has tested positive for novel coronavirus. She is reportedly aymptomatic as of this writing.
  • Finnair has announced it will not board passengers that are displaying symptoms. This comes after the airline added additional flights from popular vacation spots to accommodate stranded Finns trying to return home.
  • More travel restrictions within the country are coming, along with mandatory closure of bars and nightclubs. These could take effect 23 March 2020 (later today).

Please be sure you’re getting information from reliable sources.

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