March 28 2020: The Latest Information

March 28 2020: Finland is now up to over 1,000 cases and 7 deaths. For context, just 3 days ago those figures were below 800 cases and only 2 deaths. Uusimaa (Helsinki metropolitan region) has not been closed off yet as Parliament’s Constitutional Law Committee looks into whether it’s legal. Uusimaa is now closed off as of midnight last night, after parliament approved the action in a late-night session. No one is allowed in or out without good reason, with police and military patrolling the roads. These measures will remain in place until 19 April.

The death rate in the United States continues to double every 3 days. From 590 on the 24th to 1296 on the 27th. My original calculation was 24,000 by Easter, but now it’s looking to be closer to 38,000. Note that the source of my information, the University of Oxford (link below) only begins tracking at 10 deaths, so they have nothing on Finland yet.

Facts are great for getting a clear picture of what’s happening, but I remain convinced that we’re going to die of stupidity. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after being cavalier about precautions, has tested positive. The degree of concern among Americans is split along party lines.  Donald Trump is relying on his hunches, rather than the word of experts and people on the front lines.

Please be sure you’re getting information from reliable sources.

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