March 30 2020: The Latest Information

March 30 2020: Where is the tipping point going to be? Will there be a defining moment where the aggressively selfish begin taking this pandemic seriously? What is it going to take to get through to some people?

Katie likened this to people that are ragingly homophobic until their daughter comes out as a lesbian, at which point they’re suddenly waving a rainbow flag and leading the Pride parade. It doesn’t matter what’s happening to other people. It’s only important when it directly affects them.

Two weeks after the notorious CBS spring break news clip, cases are surging in Florida. The “if I get corona, I get corona” idiot, Brady Sluder, issued an apology. That clip is still going to appear in every documentary about this pandemic, so I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame, asshole.

Jerry Falwell Jr. backed Donald Trump’s proclamation that this would all be over by Easter and reopened Liberty University. Guess what? At least a dozen confirmed cases on that campus as Trump walks it back and extends social distancing guidelines through April 30.

When I did my daily check-in with friends on Twitter this morning, New Yorkers were freaking out that a field hospital is being erected in Central Park. Everyone knew that they were converting available spaces, but seeing it right there, in plain sight, made it less abstract. The realization that this means it will get worse before it gets better caught them off guard.

Get Information from Reliable Sources

Again, political garbage like how it’s only 15 cases, and “the 15, within a couple of days, is going to be down to close to zero” is in peoples’ heads. That was February 26th, only 33 days ago. Those 15 cases are now over 143,000 and the death toll in the U.S. is over 2,500. This sort of nonsense sticks with people, and it makes it harder to get them to see objective reality. People still reject expert opinions and hard data as partisan attempts to… I don’t even know what.

I don’t know if I need to be compiling this data any more. The people that understand that this is serious don’t need additional motivation to take precautions. The people that still don’t get it aren’t going to be swayed by either a firehose of data or emotional pleas, and will only begin to take this seriously when it has direct impacts on their own health and safety.

To be honest, at this point I’m only looking at information that affects me personally. Not because I’m callous, but because it’s so overwhelming. There are currently 37 cases in the Keski-Suomi district, where I live. Finland has just reached 11 dead. I’m looking at the rate of both spread and deaths mainly to determine whether it’s safe to make another supply run to the grocery store. It’s risk assessment, nothing more.

Please be sure you’re getting information from reliable sources.

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  1. Adding insult to injury (or maybe injury to injury), trump has waived EPA restrictions for duration of covid19!

    I don’t know how he has any support let alone the 38 percent. My wife pointed out it ‘s the same percent he has had from the beginning , those that drank the kool-aid and nothing will dissuade them.

    1. I can’t even. It’s too alien to me. The utter selfishness and lack of compassion required to see anything about him as a good idea. Every time I try I end up with a headache or a panic attack. It’s Lovecraftian.

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