March 31 2020: The Latest Information

March 31 2020: I’m writing this on Monday night for publication on Tuesday morning. Some information will already be out of date, undoubtedly. I had a bad panic attack earlier, which stopped short of having to call 112. That’s why I need to step away for a bit. Can’t look at the escalating madness for at least a day. It’s like staring into the sun. I need to better balance being informed and being unplugged.

Reports of the first arrests being made for breaking stay-at-home orders, curfews, and travel restrictions are in the news globally. On one hand, good. People need to stay in. On the other hand, hello fascism. Welcome to coronasvirus-as-Reichstag Fire. There’s no winning here.

There are still issues with protective equipment shortages in the United States. Healthcare workers are still endangered as a result. There are still ideological arguments being made against granting people financial relief. The cruelty and recklessness is disturbing. This mindset existed before the pandemic. It will be around long after. But it’s what’s going to exacerbate all of the problems we’re facing right now.

A woman in Australia was arrested for spitting on police. She claimed to be infected. In Ireland, a passenger spit on a bus driver. In California, an Amazon delivery driver was caught on camera spitting on a package as he dropped it off. There are more stories like this, from around the world. What is wrong with people?

March 31 2020 Data

  • 50 confirmed cases here in Keski-Suomi, up 3 from yesterday. No deaths have been reported.
  • 1352 cases in Finland overall. 94 are hospitalized. 49 of those in intensive case.
  • 13 deaths reported, 10 in Helsinki catchment area, 1 in the Kuopio catchment area (which include Kaski-Suomi), 1 in the Oulu catchment area, 1 in the Tampere catchment area.

I’m planning a fast stock-up trip in the next couple of days. If we can slip out once a week to replenish perishables and buy an extra unit of essential non-perishables, then we won’t need to touch the reserves until it feels too dangerous to go out. The feeling that I need to constantly be strategizing is part of the reason my anxiety is flaring up. The fact that I’m as scared of people as I am of the virus isn’t helping.

Please be sure you’re getting information from reliable sources.

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