May 10 2020: Three Things on My Desk

May 10 2020: My workspace is pretty clean and clutter free. I’ve got my laptop, a lamp, my bullet journal, and a pen. Periodically some stuffed animals or dolls come to visit, courtesy of my wife Katie. There are only three things on my desk that aren’t essential to my work. All of them are there to keep me grounded.

Three Things on My Desk

The first is a small brass Buddha, about 2.5 cm (an inch) tall. It’s there to represent my values. Not just Buddhism specifically, but to hold kindness in my heart in general. Because I suffer from anxiety, it reminds me to ground myself meditate when I get stressed out. When I’m lost in thought, trying to work out some problem, I tend to pick it up and fidget with it. Like all of the objects, it brings me some comfort.

Next to the Buddha is a green-glazed ceramic elephant, about an 2.5 cm tall by 5 cm wide. Katie found it for me at a thrift store for 50 cents. I was raised by my grandmother, and the only thing I used to have of hers was a ceramic flower pot, green-glazed and shaped like an elephant. She made it while she was in a nursing home, recovering from a stroke. The little elephant on my desk is a reminder of where I cane from. Although it’s not an object from my past, it connects me to it.

The final object is a 1966 Batmobile. Not an original Corgi, like the one I had as a kid. This is a Hot Wheels version from a couple of years ago. It’s there so I remember to lighten up and have fun. You would think that I’d roll it around and play with it, but no. It stays put, only getting picked up when I need to dust. I just need to see it, to conjure up vision not just of Adam West’s Batman but Mister Rogers and other role models from my childhood. There’s a weird mixture of joy and duty, pop culture and service to other wrapped up together in my mind. I’m trying to lean into that more.

May 10 2020

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