May 13 2020: Where My Head Is At Today

May 13 2020: My wife Katie is a teacher, and she forwarded a meme-ish graphic about social skills children need. The list includes items like self-regulating emotions, disagreeing respectfully, and sharing. What frightens me is that I don’t think a lot of American adults have mastered these. The Mad Carrot certainly hasn’t. Even more terrifying to me is that those people don’t necessarily see it as a problem. Whether they’re incapable of greater emotional intelligence or simply reject it as a necessary life skill, the tantrum-ification of society marches on.

I mean, I don’t want to run down the litany of self-serving logical fallacies that allow people to think they’re justified in gunning down a jogger. How do you deal with people who think wearing a mask in public is too great a sacrifice for them to bear, but are fine asking people like me to sacrifice our lives so they can have a nice Mother’s Day brunch? There’s no way to have a discussion with those who think repeating the way they want the world to be makes it that way, that yelling over people who present facts that contradict them invalidates those facts, and believe that walking away from a discussion equals winning the argument?

I’m a Cheerful Fatalist

Regarding the elephant that’s still in the room, I’m remain convinced I’ll be dead by the end of the year. One way or another, I’m going to be taken out be other peoples’ selfishness. Look at what the world was just two months ago, a month ago, a week ago. What in the hell are things going to be like a month from now? There’s no way to know.

The second wave of the virus could hit, taking a greater toll than the first. Tensions between the Federal government and certain states could turn into a civil war. Something horrific could happen that qualifies me to apply for asylum, or Finland could decide to kick out foreigners, or all travel could be shut down leaving us in limbo.

So I’m doing my best to enjoy life. I’m tuning out news not to spare my mental health, but because I’d rather listen to music. My days are focused on writing, not only for the necessity of earning money but because it’s pleasant. I spend too much time cooking because why not? These are things I can do today. Who knows whether I’ll be able to do them tomorrow?

May 13 2020

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