May 15 2020: The Problem of Problematic Celebrities

May 15 2020: I want to say this as concisely as possible, and try not to ramble. The problem of problematic celebrities is not my problem. It doesn’t have to be the new cause that I take up, either to defend them or to get them “cancelled”. I can, if I choose, quietly unfollow them, stop watching or listening to or reading their stuff, and get on with my life. Alternately, I can choose to believe their side and keep on enjoying their work, quietly, out of the public eye.

More than likely, though, I’ll just walk away. Guilty, innocent, it’s not only drama that I don’t need in my life, it’s extra work. To continue to consume their content with a clear conscience, I need to do some research. What did they do? What are the facts? How do I feel about that? Where does this fit in with my own personal sense of morals and ethics? If I do decide to keep enjoying their work, I either need to take pains to hide is, as to avoid more drama, or be ready to defend my choice in the court of public opinion where this all goes to trial. It’s more an an investment than I’m willing to make.

Bah. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. All I want is a some distraction, a little bit of fun. It shouldn’t have to be another project. I have more important things to worry about. I always regret spending the little time that I did looking at the accusations. There is more quality entertainment in the world than I could every consume in a hundred lifetimes. It’s easier to go dive into that, and skip the spectacle and turmoil of real life.

May 15 2020

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