May 16 2020: Tightening the Circle

May 16 2020: Twitter has been removed from my phone (again). I’m only checking it on my laptop, where the now-unavailable Chrome extension hides trending topics. I have a list with close friends bookmarked, as well as my notifications and messages. This keeps me off the main feed.

After pruning the YouTube channels I follow to the bone, I’ve decided to take at least a few days away from that as well. I pay for Netflix and HBO Nordic, so I’m going to stream cartoons in the morning. This hopefully lifts my mood, helps me get my money’s worth, and avoids accidental exposure to the horror show that passes as current events these days. Cartoons and wrestling and no problematic content creators.

I’ve also unsubscribed from all newsletters related to the pandemic. That includes the Johns Hopkins daily briefing and the Washington Post updates. Not because they aren’t solid, reliable sources of information, but because there’s nothing actionable on my part. What can I do about any of it? All I can do is shelter in place, wear a mask in public, and wash my hands thoroughly. You know, the same things we knew to do back on Day 1 of this nightmare.

I am tightening the circle. I am curating the content that I consume. Warren Ellis remains my unwitting mentor on this, as he’s managed to master the art of communicating with people regularly while also cutting himself off from the world almost entirely.

May 16 2020

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  • I check all email and Twitter DMs, personal and professional, three times once a day. I respond¬† as time allows; if it requires some thought or research on my part, it will take me longer.
  • I am actively avoiding news and social media to focus on writing. Please take your information from reliable sources and certified experts, not the Mad Carrot and its puerile cultists.
  • Today is Day 61 in isolation.¬†

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