Coffee Break: May 2 2020

May 2 2020: At the start of this (and we all know what I’m referring to) I created the Camp Corona graphic. It was meant to transform the period of quarantine into a writer’s retreat. I was also writing about the pandemic a lot, so it made sense.

After a while I needed a break from all end-of-the-world, all the time blogging and switched to the Interlude graphic. It was meant to signify a break from posting coronavirus updates, but also alluded to the Great Pause. There was, and still is, a notion that this is not a transformational moment in human history, just a bit of a break. After a while, we though, things will go back to the way they were.

As of today I’m embracing this new normal. I’m trying to appreciate the opportunities it’s provided, and enjoy it for what it is. To that end, I’m going back to the Cafe Epimetheus branding. These Interlude posts are being repackaged as Coffee Breaks. I’m meaning into the Swedish (and Finnish) concept of fika. It’s not just a coffee break, it’s a moment to slow down and appreciate life.

I want these daily posts to not just be a means of communication, a replacement for social media presence. What I’d like to do is use them as a means of expressing appreciation and gratitude. That’s certainly got to be more healthy than obsessing over, well, you-know-what.

May 2 2020

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  • I am actively avoiding news and social media to focus on writing. Please take your information from reliable sources and certified experts, not the mad carrot and its puerile cultists.
  • Today is Day 47 in isolation. 

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