May 20 2020: My Count is Off

May 20 2020: According to the running count at the bottom of these posts, today is my 65th day in isolation. My bullet journal says it’s Day 64. I’m going to go with my bullet journal because a) I think it’s accurate, and b) going through all of these posts to figure out where I messed up numbering would be a pain. So today is going to be Day 65, and then tomorrow is going to be Day 65 to correct things going forward, and I’m sure no one will either notice or care.

My Count is Off

In either case, I haven’t been anywhere other than the grocery story in over two months. Does one day either way really matter? Those grocery trips include two trips to the attached bakery cafe to purchase bags of day-old goods, and one trip to the burger joint for takeaway. I’m not counting those as a break in the isolation, because they’re inside the same building and they’re both variations on acquiring food.

Katie has made two trips downtown. Once to mail off some artwork she sold, another to buy art supplies. Neither is exciting, but at least the scenery was different.

Things here are opening back up, but I’m not running right out to break my isolation. Two schools in the Helsinki area went back to distance learning right after opening back up because, you guessed it, outbreak. I have no desire to be around people, because there are still too many defiant idiots not taking it seriously and following protocols. How many is too many? One. One is too many for me. That’s all it takes.

May 20 2020

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  • Today is Day 65 in isolation.¬†

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