May 2020: The Monthly Introduction

May 2020: Hello, lovely people. My name is Berin, and at the end of this month I’ll be celebrating 4 years as a full-time writer. I’m also a spoonie, a minimalist, and a bullet journal devotee. An American by accident of birth, since 2014 have lived in Central Finland with my wife, the artist and educator Katie Kinsman.

My primary work is operating Dancing Lights Press, publishing tabletop roleplaying material and zines. We create tools for creators, as well as our own game systems and settings. You can find our titles on DriveThruRPG, Gumroad, and if you search hard enough, Amazon.

I’m currently working on the second draft of a novel. It’s a contemporary story in the vein of Gothic literature, about a woman encountering love and death among dead malls and an imploding social order. Surprisingly, it isn’t as bleak at that sounds; sometimes it’s good when things fall apart and make room for better things.

As of May 2020 you can find me mainly at my website,, where I post several times per day about writing, living in Finland, and of late, sheltering in place. I’m also on Twitter, and that’s my entire threshold of tolerance for social media.

The Merry Writer is a writer’s game on Twitter run by Ari Meghlen (@arimeghlen) and Rachel Poli (@RPoli3). Each day there’s a new question, and each month there’s a new theme. In these posts I expand upon the answers that I’ve posted on my Twitter.

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