May 21 2020: All That’s Trending on Twitter is K-Pop

May 21 2020: There is a certain time of day when all that’s trending on Twitter is K-pop. Bands, singers’ names, song titles, that kind of stuff. I am here for it. Not because I’m deeply into Korean popular music, although I have nothing against it. It’s just that it’s safe to look at Twitter, in the event the Chrome plug-in that blocks trending topics craps out. It’s already unavailable from the app store and unsupported. One day I expect it to stop working. Then I’ll be forced to see what Dump Truck and the goons in red hats are up to.

All That’s Trending on Twitter is K-Pop

Curating social media is hard because social media doesn’t want to be curated. They force you to see what they want you to see. It’s about money for them. I often wonder if, rather than charging ad rates based on popular key words, the algorithm forces tweets with certain keywords onto people to increase views and, in turn, they can increase ad rates. Those are the sorts of diabolical thoughts you have when you’ve got a business degree and understand how that avaricious corner of the world works.

May 21 2020

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