May 23 2020: Synthwave and Chill

May 23 2020: All I listen to these days in synthwave. I’m not going to explain the musical genre. It sounds like every 1980’s movie soundtrack. Just go to YouTube and search, there’s tons of it up there. I’m not going to recommend any particular channel or artist, because I haven’t vetted anyone. With my luck, and the way the world is, I’d tell you to check something out and it would turn out to be a White Supremacist or Men’s Rights Activist or something.

Everything is awful. I’m clinging to the hope that this is, in fact, a tunnel and we’ll eventually come out the other side. Not, you know, that it will turn out to be a bottomless pit and we’re just getting ourselves in deeper. Happy thoughts. Always happy thoughts.

Synthwave and Chill

I like synthwave because it’s a good to write to. Songs with lyrics are a rarity. It’s upbeat yet melancholy, ambient but with actual melodies. A few of the people that make dead mall videos use synthwave for their soundtracks, which is how I started listening. In my mind it tickles that nostalgia for a time when things weren’t crappy, combined with an acceptance that things are in fact crappy. A celebration of the boom times, the malls that were, and a wake for the current state of the retail economy and its crumbling temples of consumerism.

(The mall is a metaphor for society.)

May 23 2020

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