May 25 2020: Fear Versus Common Sense Safety

May 25 2020: Angels and ministers of grace defend me from macho covidiots that say they won’t give in to fear. Blind courage is not protection against infectious disease. Common sense safety measures are not a sign of cowardice. Being a contrarian does not make you any sort of hero. Grown up.

Having consideration for other people is not tyranny. You like to spout aphorisms like “freedom isn’t free” when it comes to soldiers making huge personal sacrifices in wartime. When you’re asked to make the simple sacrifice of wearing a mask, freedom is suddenly defined as your unbridled right to be a selfish prick.

These are the sorts of people who, in decades past, rebelled against laws requiring seat belts and motorcycle helmets. By gum, if they want to fly through the windshield and splatter their brains all over the highway, that’s their God-given right! The government can’t make them care about their own safety, or the safety of others!

I don’t want to know what these people think about fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, or sprinkler systems. The probably refuse to give into the fear that there might be a fire in their home and should prepare for that contingency. Again, these are the same sort of people that own an average of 8 guns per household in case they need to rise up against their own government.

Fear Versus Common Sense

The selfishness in the face of public health on display these days shouldn’t be a shock. Look at the people that oppose universal health care on the grounds that they shouldn’t have to pay other peoples’ medical bills. If they get sick, they say, they’ll figure out how to pay for it. There’s a denial of the basic facts, and how things actually work, that runs deep. If I’m afraid or anything, it’s not the virus. It’s that complete rejection of common sense and objective reality.

May 25 2020

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