May 27 2020: Those Mythical Coronavirus Parties

May 27 2020: Rumors persist that people are throwing coronavirus parties. Only a few have been confirmed, but we know that facts don’t have a lot of impact on what people believe. The whole concept of these shindigs is that the virus is no worse than the flu. If people get together and catch it on purpose, then they’ll be immune to it, won’t be contageous, and the world will be closer to “herd immunity”. Then everything can go back to normal.

My fear about this goes back to my original prediction about the lockdown. We’ll take extreme measures to try to keep infection and death rates down. Then when there aren’t bodies piled in the streets, some people will question why we bothered with the extreme measures.

If people are having coronavirus parties and there aren’t outbreaks, then COVID-19 was a hoax all along and we can go back to normal, right? They won’t draw the conclusion that no one is actually throwing these mythical coronavirus parties. They’ll reach for the conclusion that suits the narrative they like. Ugh.

May 27 2020

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