May 28 2020: Victorian Novels and Barbed-Wire Matches

May 28 2020: At this point in my life I don’t care about having a consistent public image. There’s no through line, no story thread. I’m not worried about keeping my interests themed or easily explainable. There’s no way to reconcile my love of both effete Victorian novels and barbed-wire matches, the most brutal form of professional wrestling.  All that’s important, especially under the current circumstances, is finding the things that bring a little joy into my life and embracing them.

Of course, there is a through line. It’s an emotional one. As humans we are complex creatures. We have moods. That’s how I can be reading the complete works of William Makepeace Thackeray one moment,  and watching Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc trying to murder one another the next. Sometimes I need refined, sensitive, and well-articulated expressions of the human condition. Other times I just need the excitement of two guys beating the hell out of one another.

We can talk about which of these is highbrow or lowbrow. Society can label one as socially acceptable while the other isn’t. Different groups will look down on one or the other, for their own cultural reasons. That fascinates me. I wouldn’t recommend a steady diet of either, personally. Both are part of the human experience, though. There’s room for both, in moderation.

May 28 2020

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