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May 31 2020 Daily Proof of Life Post

7:00 am EEST (GMT+3). This is the May 31 2020 daily proof of life post. I won’t look at news until I’ve had my coffee, updated my bullet journal, and spent a little time in meditation. Not that I can’t guess what I’ll find. Nationwide protests in the United States. Republican rhetoric using racist dogwhistles. Democrats citing platitudes and generally being ineffective. A few marches that break out into riots. Several instances where police cross the line and assault peaceful protesters, or get too rough with people that are misbehaving. Yeah, if a cop murdering a prone, handcuffed man on camera is only 3rd degree murder then I’m downgrading looting to “bad behavior”.

There’s going to be a whole post on this later today. That’s why I need my morning to set that aside, organize my thoughts and tasks, and try to locate a small bit of peace to anchor myself to.

Buy My New Book

The tabletop roleplaying book I released on Friday is doing well. It hit #1 on the Hottest Small Press list briefly, passing a COVID-19 charity bundle. That wasn’t a good look, but I can’t control what people sped their money in. It’s comfortably at #2 now. The book also got a bestseller medallion (based on the number of copies sold, like gold records in the music industry) within 24 hours.

While I am incredibly grateful that I can continue working through this global pandemic and have nothing but love for the people that support me, I still carry some guilt. I write games. I’m not marching for justice or researching a vaccine. Then again, I think most of us are in survival mode, and will be for some time to come. Stay safe.

You can download a copy of my new book here.

May 31 2020 Daily Proof of Life Post
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Yes! Double Zero is here! That was a long wait šŸ˜‰ . And although I also have both the “original” and the “clone”, I am very curious about your take on the milieu, so I already bought a copy!

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