Today’s Coffee Break: May 4 2020

May 4 2020: With a new month come workflow adjustments. I’ve got a family calendar on the wall, which is a common thing here but nothing I recall seeing in the United States. The day and date run down the left-hand side, like the monthly spread of a bullet journal. To the right are five columns. You’re supposed to put the name of each family member at the top of each column, and then add their appointments and activities on the correct date.

I’m using it as a bujo-style habit tracker, with a different task in each column. Then I do the Seinfeld “don’t break the chain” thing and put a big black Sharpie X when it’s done. Having the visual reminder handing within my sight line helps me focus on the things I’ve designated as the most important daily tasks.

FYI, the five things on this month’s calendar are project word count, writing a post for this blog, writing a post for the company blog, reading a chapter from a novel, and working on the novel. It’s basic, but somehow ambitious. A few days into the month, and I already feel like I’ve got my priorities in order.

Idea Capture

The other adjustment I’ve made is papering over the window in the patio door with A2 graph paper. That sounds weird, but it serves two purposes. First, it keep the sun from hitting me directly in the eye. Early in the morning, when I sit at my desk, it’s brutal.

Second, it serves the function of a white board. I write tasks and ideas on sticky notes. They get put on the board so they don’t get lost. Then I sort them, group them, and capture them in whatever bullet journal collections or project pages they need to go into. I know that I could just rapid log them, but something about having them up on the wall gives them urgency. They’re things to be deal with, not notes tucked away on a page where they can be overlooked and forgotten.

May 4 2020

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  • Today is Day 49 in isolation. 

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