Coffee Break: May 5 2020

May 5 2020: Part of me wants to do a roundup of all the absolutely insane pandemic-related stories people keep sending me. Another part of me wants to rant about the fact that people keep sending me these dreadful news stories. In spite of, you know, my repeatedly stating that I’m trying to avoid an excess of nerve-wracking news. Thanks.

Free clue: sending me stories that validate my life-long understanding that people are awful is redundant, because the act of putting these tales of woe in front of my eyes is, in itself, validation that people are awful. By people I mean you, if you didn’t catch that.

To be brief, on one hand we have the Mad Carrot Death Cult willing to martyr everyone on the altar of Moloch so the rich can continue to get richer. They’ve been brainwashed into believing that there is no “there” there.  At least, as far as the pandemic is concerned. And in defiance of all objective evidence. But everything some anonymous asshole in the internet says is true. Critical thinking! Stable geniuses all around!

On the other hand, the authority figures of the Mad Carrot Death Cult are acting to cover up how bad it is, and to shield businesses from liability if their employees are forced back to work and get COVID-19 as a result. Which is it, covidiots? The problem isn’t real, or it’s a worthy of extreme gaslighting to hide the facts?

On a Brighter Note

Assuming that I don’t get sick, or that depression and anxiety don’t knock my productivity on its ass, I’m on track to release 3 books this month. One is the project that helped me regain my focus, and the other two were delayed by my trip down the rabbit hole of following pandemic news. I’ve also been blogging regularly over on the business site as well.

May 5 2020

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  • I check all email and Twitter DMs, personal and professional, three times a day. Responses are made as time allows; if it requires some thought or research on my part, it will take me longer.
  • I am actively avoiding news and social media to focus on writing. Please take your information from reliable sources and certified experts, not the mad carrot and its puerile cultists.
  • Today is Day 50 in isolation. 

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