May 8 2020: Mask as a Political Statement

May 8 2020: There’s been some chatter lately about wearing a mask as a political statement. Like everything else in the United States, it’s become a partisan issue. You wear a mask because you support one team, you refuse to wear a mask because you support the other team. The way to tell which side a person is on is whether they’ve got a basic layer of virus protection on their face.

It’s sneeches all the way down.

I wear a mask on the rare occasion that I leave the apartment. No, it’s not mandatory. The efficacy of cloth masks isn’t fully known, but can it hurt? I do it because I’d like to keep my chances of dying from this virus to a minimum. But I also do it in case I do end up infected by asymptomatic. I don’t want people I come in contact with to get sick.

Mask as Political Statement

Let’s be clear, if caring about the health and well-being of other people is political, then so is being an aggressively selfish and boldly callous prick. Sitting at home isn’t political. Showing up at a state house toting an assault rifle is more of a political statement than wearing a mask. The mask serves a useful purpose.

May 8 2020

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