I’m Now on Media Quarantine

I used to think we were all going to die of stupidity. Now I think it’s actually going to be selfishness that does us all in. The current situation has me crawling deeper into seclusion, not because I fear catching something but because I just don’t know how to process the mean-spirited defiance of objective reality in the service of childish and petulant egostism. I need to go into media quarantine and not look at this nonsense right now.

The continued downplaying of the pandemic in order to hand-wave away not addressing it earlier. Politicians telling people to take their families out to crowded restaurants. Partying in bars. Belittling people for taking precautions. All after South Korea announced that thy can trace 80% of their confirmed cases to two clusters, and both of those clusters to one infected person. That’s all it takes. One person, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. South Korea has over 8,000 cases, and 72 deaths as of this writing. That means Patient 31, as they’ve been dubbed, is responsible for around 6,400 cases and 57 deaths.

Media Quarantine

This week I have multiple writing deadlines, and I need to throw myself wholeheartedly into those project. If I could unplug the router and lock it in a drawer, I would. I’m going to do my best to stay the hell away from news and social media to avoid both distractions and personal mental health crises. I’ve subscribed to the daily COVID-19 situations reports from Johns Hopkins University Center for Health and Security, to get accurate information free from political bias and panicked disinformation. For local information I’m checking the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, who have a page for Coronavirus updates.

Tomorrow I do need to make a supply run. I’m going early on a Monday morning when, in theory, the stores will be less crowded. The plan is to walk down, which will minimize contact, and take the bus back. The first thing I’ll do when I get into the apartment is wash my hands, then wash my face, then ash my hands again. It will be interesting to see if the stores are picked over. Since I wrote my previous post on the subject, there have been runs on toilet paper in some stores in Helsinki, but I haven’t heard of anything like that happening around here. If there’s anything to report, I’ll write a followup post.

Be safe, be well, and use your time productively.

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