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Café Epimetheus and the Merry Writer

Since December of last year I have been participating in the Merry Writer game on Twitter. Participants answer daily questions about writing and the writer’s life. I’ve turned those into prompts for blog posts about writing. Recently I started compiling those into the Café Epimetheus zine and publishing it on Gumroad. As I’m no longer on Twitter, I’ve had to rethink my participation.

Clearly I could keep writing the posts. There are countless sources of daily writing prompts that I could use. While I’m not completely discounting that idea, right now it doesn’t feel right. I think I just need to lay it down and leave it alone for a bit. It’s not hitting my “why bother” criteria: it’s not helping my productivity, there are no discernable self-care benefits, and based on the lack of reaction the posts are helping people.

That’s not to say that I’m going to stop writing about writing. I just want to take a beat to reconsider the best way to do that. Participating in the Merry Writer game got me into the habit of daily blogging, but HUBRIS and the Daily Proof of Life do that, too. The act of talking isn’t the same as saying something. Putting out word count doesn’t equate to writing anything worth reading. I want to be more mindful about my messaging.

Café Epimetheus and the Merry Writer

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