The Midnight Bullet Journal Brain Dump

One of the ways my anxiety brain expresses itself is through insomnia. I have difficulty getting to sleep because intrusive thoughts won’t leave me alone. They’re not dark thoughts or anything. Most of them aren’t even stressful, like feeling that I’ve forgotten to do something important. The majority of the time my mind is problem-solving, trying to figure out how to avoid trouble, or to handle a situation that is currently complicating my life. This is how I came to adopt the midnight bullet journal brain dump.

The Midnight Bullet Journal Brain Dump

Before I go to bed I go back to my desk, open my journal, and free write. Most people advocate doing this in the morning, but I need to get it all out of my head. It all gets put through the GTD meat grinder, dealing with quick and easy things on the spot and scheduling anything obviously actionable.

After doing this for a couple of weeks, I can say that it’s working. I know that things are going to be handled. Nothing is going to be forgotten, because it’s written down. As long as I’m not dealing with chronic pain issues as well, I tend to sleep like a baby. In the morning I review it all again, with a clear head, and make adjustments as needed.

In my revised workflows for 2021, this will be part of the process. Built right into my schedule. A habit worth continuing. The bullet journal saves my life yet again.

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